Business Visas

Successful business people and investors can apply for a permanent visa under this category. To meet the eligibility criteria, the activity and the nature of the business is considered.

Work Visas

The permanent and temporary work visas allow employers who are unable to find a skilled personnel to fill a necessary position in the business to recruit from overseas.

Skilled Migrant Visa

The Skilled Select Program is designed to allow migrants with skills that are in demand to obtain permanent residency to live and work in Australia.

Spouse Visa

This visa category is for the married or the de facto partner of an Australian citizen, resident or an eligible New Zealand citizen. The application is a two step process involving a temporary visa before the permanent visa.

Parent Visa

If more than half of the applicant’s children are permanently residing in Australia, the applicant is eligible to apply for a permanent visa under this category. There are two types of parent visa.

Refugee Visa

Refugee visas are for people who are subject to persecution in their home country and are in need of resettlement. The majority of applicants considered under this category are identified by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

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