Izzy and Luke

Sam was a fantastic help when it came to sorting out my visa. He explained to Luke and I what our options were and once we decided what route to take Sam had all the paperwork ready for us to go through. He explained the process of the visa we were going through, and that it could take anywhere from 3 to 6 months. So you can imagine how happy we were when the visa was granted in just less than one month.

Sam’s communication was fantastic, he was always available to speak to and when writing to him via email he would always reply swiftly. When we felt we needed to see him to discuss the very last parts of all the paperwork Sam easily arranged for us to see him the very same day.

Sam managed to make the process much easier and a whole lot less stressful and without a doubt, we shall be using him for the next stage we need to go through. I have and will continue to recommend Sam to anyone who is looking for help with their visa, he certainly knows what he is doing!!!!

Thanks Sam and we will see you soon for the next stage!!!


Amjad Hijazi FamilyAmjad Hijazi

Many people are just good in telling stories while others are excellent in being proactive by performing and simulating it with real actions. Sam & his team are one of those who really care about “Do” & “Deliver” rather than JUST PROMISING: they do ask precise questions, analyze the requirements and they tail their deliverable to match their client’s needs. I applied late 2013 through Sam’s Team and got the visa in less than a year! just “Wooooooow”.

Thanks a lot Sam



Ray Pascua

Australian visa, immigration, australia

When I decided to come to Australia I spoke with many agents in the Philippines and they all made promises and were eager to take my money. But none of them could deliver on the promises they made and I lost money as none of them were registered to provide immigration advice. I decided I would only deal with a registered migration agent and contacted Visa & Immigration Services. They were courteous, very helpful and understood my situation and tailored a migration plan specifically suited to me. They gave me a fixed fee quote with no hidden charges and I was surprised that the fee for an Australian company was cheaper then the quotes I was getting from unregistered agents in Manila. Best of all they have a 100% satisfaction guarantee so when they promise a visa they deliver. I am loving my new life in Australia and would recommend you contact Sam Hammadieh and his team for all your visa needs.



Mr Farhan Q (457 Work Visa)

Australia, visa, immigration


I met Sam when he visited Dubai to give a presentation on Australian Migration at the Ramada Hotel. He helped me find a job in Australia and I came to Australia on a 457 work visa.

When I was eligible to apply for Permanent Residence I wanted to ensure that I got my visa as quickly as possible and without all the headaches so I appointed Sam for the whole visa process.

I am now an Australian permanent resident and will be eligible for citizenship in no time, my children are happy here and I have a great job and plan to purchase a new home soon.




Mrs. Eva D (Spouse Visa)

Australia, visa, immigration

When I came with my daughter ( at the time 8 years old) to Australia to marry Peter I thought everything would go well and easy like my prospective marriage visa and that there wouldn’t be any problem to do it all by myself…well, that was not the case. After I applied for my permanent residency visa things turned out to get really difficult and when the Department of Immigration called to tell me that my visa was about to be declined I was devastated. I had to find legal advice and help straight away or go back to Germany and leave my husband behind.

I started searching for Immigration lawyers and agents and I have seen a lot of them, but none of them made me feel confident that they could do something for me… on my search I came across Visa & Immigration Services Australia…Sam.
When I called he was on holidays and I left a message for him to call me back, being already concerned that until he comes back from his holidays it could be too late for me…but he called back the same day and even being on holidays met me on Sunday morning ..the day after my call…I was really impressed!

After I met Sam and explained him my case, he told me what to do and all the options I had, he did not put any pressure on me to decide, but for me it was clear that I would go with him, which was the best choice I could possibly make. Although I was very concerned before I met Sam, he managed to calm me down and I felt much better after our conversation, I gave him all my documents and he started working straight away.
I realise that I was a difficult client at times, but Sam never lost his patients, he was always professional, competent, respectful and gentle, reassuring me that he would do the best he could to resolve all the issues I had.

Well, we got our visas a few weeks ago… after a long struggle which could have been avoided if I gave it in Sam’s hands from the start…
The advice I can give to everyone…go to see Sam, don’t do it by yourself, even if it looks easy, it never is…he is the professional, he knows what to do, it takes a lot of pressure away and makes life easier while you are waiting for your visa.

Thank You Sam!!!!


Tom and Hannah (Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme)

Australia, visa, immigration

It was a cold November in the UK when my Wife and I got the bad news from the visa company we were using, that we couldn’t get a visa after 6 months of working with them and 1000 pounds down the drain. We decided to go anyway on a WHV and deal with issues when we got to Australia. We had been in Australia for 5 months when we came across Sam at Visa and Immigration Services. I had got a management position within regional Australia and my Wife a management position with a well known retail company. We were working on a temporary visa to then move to a permanent visa 2 years down the line. He asked how the job was going and just out of the blue the address. It was then we discovered we were eligible for a Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme with the company I was working with. From that point on Sam and his team were on the ball from day one. Info when we needed it, all the stress of filling in forms and contacting different departments taken away. We struggled with the deposit but Sam came up with a payment plan. He explained the next stages and costs and information he needed. It was so simple. Moving countries is stressful enough without having to worry about what information you need to get and who to send it to. Today we are now permanent residents in the country we love and now call home all thanks to the hard work and support of Sam and his team.

Thanx Sam we owe you!!!


Alieen and Allindon – Philippines

Australia, visa, immigration Greetings!

We would like to express our gratitude to Mr. Sam Hammadieh for helping us all throughout the visa processing. Mr. Sam, thank you for your assistance with your local business partner here in Dumaguete City (Lucky Chance, Migration Consultancy), and most of all thank you for the positive spirit you have shown to us while awaiting for our visa to be approved. Great job! I am hoping you could help all the rest who wanted to have their visas processed.

We are so very pleased with the way you handle your clients. Mr. Sam is very professional and he explains things to the last detail. God Bless you and more power to your VISAS Team!


Miss Geok Choo Y (Sponsored Work Visa)

Mr Hammadieh was involved to submit my work visa application and he has done a thorough job to ensure that all the necessary documents are in order for submission to the Immigration Dept. cutting down the delay in process of visa. He was effective in handling the visa application queries and the task of liaising between the Immigration Dept. and my sponsor employer. He replied to my emails promptly and also provided the necessary information in preparation for my relocation from Singapore to Australia .

He has approached the work in a very competent manner and has a wide range of experience in providing advices pertaining to immigration matters.

I would not hesitate to recommend his company’s reliable service to new clients.


Mr Navroops S (Business Owner Visa)

Before I got Sam to do my business visa I had an Indian lawyer working on my application. He wasted my time and money and got me nowhere but in frustration. Sam was kind enough to look at my business proposal and made a few suggestions on how to improve my chances of getting a visa. I hired him as my lawyer and was surprised by how fast he got all the work done and ready to apply. I got my visa in five and half months! I am now working on my business in Australia. I have 7 employees and I have sponsored my brothers to come and work with me in Australia. I am now getting Sam to bring my elderly parents to live with us in Australia.

I have recommended Sam to all my friends and family and would recommend him to you if you are serious about saving time and money.


Mr Sadruda-Doza Khan (Skilled Migrant – Visa Subclass 175)

To submit my PR visa (Skilled Migrant – Subclass 175) I involved Mr Sam Hammadieh for processing my application. He has done tremendous job by submitting the application with all necessary documents. Which eventually shorten the processing time to finalize the result of the application.

In this period he is in constant touch with me and let me know about the latest status of the fate of my application. He replied to my emails without any delay and also provided the necessary information.

He is totally a Professional lawyer and worked in a professional way.

I am very much pleased with the performance of Mr.Hammadieh and recommend the new client to utilze his valuable service.


Shane A (Prospective Spouse Visa)

Hi Sam,

Thanks for the good news! Thank you for all your help and patience with me with this matter. I look forward to working again with you for the marriage visa. I will contact you later as to when I have to start the application for the visa. Once again THANKS mate.

I will let you know when she will be arriving.

Take care
Shane A


Koji D (Migration Review Tribunal)


That is the most wonderful news I have heard all month!!!!!!! Thank you

Australia – Migration Review Tribunal


Mohamed K (General Skilled Migrant)

Dear Mr Hammadieh,

Thank you so much for all of your help! We could not have done it without you. My family and I are indebted to you and we look forward to seeing you in our new home – AUSTRALIA !

Jordan – General Skilled Migration


Melanie F (General Skilled Migrant)

Dear Sam,

Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you, thank-you, we are so happy with our news. We are very grateful for all your assistance.

With regards to all my paperwork I sent over to you. It would be very handy to have this back, would you like to send it over to me or do you mind holding onto it until I can come and collect it myself and give you a big hug too.

Yours very gratefully Melanie, you got me my dream. Also Richard, Ricci and Kai are very grateful too.

Thank you. Bye for now.

UK – General Skilled Migration


Tanveer I. (Temporary Work Visa)

Thank you very much for all your help in bringing me to Australia.

My experience with you was an excellent one. I must say that in this world of lack of concern for the customer and of broken promises, you have proven to be a rare exception.

Thank you very much for the professionalism, efficiency and competence with which you have handled my application. Not only the information and instructions provided were clear, accurate and precise, but you also proved to be very serious by paying attention to the little details.

You replied fastly to all my e-mails, kept me informed as to what was happening to my application, e-mailed me once you received documents and let me know if all was well or not.

What I feel you are exceptionally reliable. I am totally satisfied and strongly recommend you or your company to all those willing to migrate. Insha Allah they will not be disappointed!!!




Dear Sam

I am really happy to hear this great news. I highly appreciate your efforts, I am sure you have done a hard work…for sure I will get back to you for any thing related to our VISAS in the near future. Also, I will advice my friends here to be in touch with you if they need any immigration services .

Thanks again



Krystal and Driss

Salam Sam,
How are you?
As you know driss arrived safely into the country Saturday just gone, after waiting for him for a few hrs while he was asked a billion questions before being able to leave through those doors to me lol. He is now living with me in our home and settling in quite nicely lol. He seems to be amazed by Australia and I’m sure he likes it alot. He has become part of my family already winning the hearts of all my family. I knew he would be loved by all of them as well as my closest friends. Driss said to say thank you for all your help and we really appreciate it all. When we get to the gold coast we will contact you and inchallah meet you for a chat over coffee.
Driss and I both want to wish you and Megan and family a blessed and happy Christmas and a good new year.
We will be in touch soon.
Krystal and driss.


Mohamed Riyaj

Assalamu Alaikkum Brother, Sorry For Late Reply.
……ALHAMDULILLAH……How Are You Brother,Jazakallah, Thank You very Much, Only Now I saw Your message, I went To My Home Town To get My Birth Certificate. Really I am Very Happy To Hear I got visa, I want to Thank Allah Give this Opportunity By You. Thank You Brother. Do not Forget Me, I wanna Meet You Soon Insha Allah. Please keep In Touch. you Make Dua For Me.

Mohamed Riyaj